Monday, April 28, 2008

Hunter x Hunter Episode 1 Released -- Staff Info

So here we have episode 1 of Hunter x Hunter. This release is completely softsubbed, so that means nothing fancy... and thanks to A-K for the translation for this episode... hoping that we will get a translator soon so we can completely redo Hunter x Hunter.

To put it flat out, I'm hoping this episode will be able to bring in some staff and then redo this episode. So with that, we are still in need of all staff positions.

Grab the episode's torrent HERE or if you prefer a semi-direct download, have a Megaupload link HERE. You can also download it on pack #2 on Saizen|Maka in our IRC channel ( thanks to wanderer-zero!

Please help seed once you are done downloading.

So anyway, jump into our channel on Rizon and idle or something...


Just a bit of info for those who might be interested in joining. Currently, I have the first 3 volumes of Hunter x Hunter R2 DVDS. They consist of episodes 1-12. If this project ever takes off, I do plan on buying the remaining volumes. Unlike the older subs that were subbed onto VHS-rips, these are now DVD ones :D So if any encoder plans to apply, you will be working with vobs.

For translation, anything is opened... though experience is a plus.

Typesetting/Karaoke effectors/Logo Maker: A person with After-Effects experience would be awesome to have, but if you are experienced in ASS typesetting/effecting, please feel free to apply.

Distro is opened now. I'm barely getting through the release of this one episode, so bots, trackers, everything. I'm all open for it.

Quality Checking, editing, and so forth will be thought out after we obtain a translator.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Looking for Staff

In dire need of all positions.... but a few that are more important overall.

  • Translators are the most urgent as of right now, since all I have to go off of are the old subs.
  • Karaoke effectors - Though I'm able to do some... it's not my thing
  • Encoders - Need an /experienced/ encoder. Will be working with old DVD Vobs and need to be able to make them look nice
  • Distro... Bot providers... initial seeders. Anything like that is needed
And of course all other positions like typesetters, editors, QC'ers, and such are open too...

Post a comment on here, send me an email, or PM on Rizon on Scar.